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California State University, Long Beach

California State University, Long Beach


M.S. in Counseling, Option in Marriage and Family Therapy

Campus-Based Program

On-Campus Location:

California State University, Long Beach
1250 Bellflower Blvd
Long Beach, CA 90840-2201

(562) 985-7864

CSULB M.S. in Counseling, MFT Option Program Page

Program details below are quoted from program websites, supplied here for informational purposes only, and subject to change at any time. Refer to the program website for current information, deadlines, complete admission requirements, etc. It is the responsibility of the prospective student to verify with program administrators program details and that the program still meets BBS requirements for licensure in the state of California.

Program Snapshot



Concentrations/Specializations Offered

No formal concentrations, however two faculty members specialize in traumatic stress/PTSD treatment, and the Long Beach Trauma Recovery Center offers specialized training for graduate students in the area of traumatic stress treatment. 

Length of Program

2-3 years full-time


Core courses usually meet once a week from 3:00PM-6:45PM, 4:00PM-6:45PM, or 7:00PM-9:45PM. Some elective courses are held on weekdays or weekends from 9:00AM-5:00PM, subject to change.

Program Start 


Estimated Total Program Tuition


Religious orientation


Entering Class Size

30 students per year

Fieldwork Hours Accrued during program

MFT students are required to complete 150 hours of a combined off-site and on-site Practicum (COUN 609) experiences in addition to 350 off-site Fieldwork hours (COUN 643D & 644D) under the direct supervision of an approved licensed, counseling professional for a total of 500 experience hours.

Personal Psychotherapy Requirement During Program

30 hours

Comprehensive Exam/Culminating Project/Thesis/Etc:

Written thesis, or a written comprehensive examination

Application Process

Application Deadline

January 15

Undergraduate GPA Requirement

Minimum 2.85 overall grade point average in last degree (not credential or certificate) earned from an accredited institution of higher education. Applicants whose overall GPA is less than 2.85 but meet the University minimum GPA requirement and who present compelling evidence of academic and professional potential either through recent academic performance and/or experiential background, may be considered for admission at the discretion of the program admission committee.

GRE Requirement


Prerequisite Courses

ED P 400 Introduction to Educational Research or equivalent

The prerequisite course may be completed the summer prior to or during the first year in the program at the discretion of the advisor.

Application highlights

Personal Statement
Submit a 5-6 page, focused, narrative about yourself as a prospective professional counselor resulting in a clear and comprehensive profile which indicates: focus and coherency, writing skills, personal and social insight, perspective, and commitment regarding your graduate study in the MFT field.

Three Recommendation Forms are required from professional references. The recommender should be someone in the mental health profession and/or professors or at least a professional who has observed you in a professional capacity interacting with people. Each recommendation is evaluated on the basis of substantive, specific, recommender observations regarding different factors about you in various interactive and/or academic settings. They are also evaluated with regard to the recommender's proximity to the profession from minimally related (non-mental health employment supervisor) to highly related (a mental health professional, professor in a related field, a health/education provider, etc.). The form should clearly indicate their professional position and be as current as possible.

(see program website for complete application requirements)

Interview Requirement

The MFT program is highly selective. Successful applicants exhibit strengths in the interview process, as well as the other required application materials. Applicants who do well in the interview are able to express their thoughts AND feelings with insight; are seriously committed to learning and being the best possible therapist in the MFT profession that they can be; are willing to sacrifice the time, finances, and effort to enthusiastically accomplish this goal; will strive to take the utmost responsibility for their own depth of learning beyond just getting by; and will take the initiative which will enable them to become highly competent practitioners. They have also talked with practitioners in the field, are specifically acquainted with the roles and functions of an MFT (versus social work, psychologist, etc.), have researched information regarding the MFT field, opportunities and drawbacks in the profession, and in short, are able to express specifics about why one chooses MFT.

The majority of MFT graduates work for an organization (Department of Public Social Services, Children’s Protective Services, colleges, schools, hospitals, clinics, etc.) or develop their independent practice.
— California State University, Long Beach

Program Summary

(Reprinted from program website.)

The Master of Science in Counseling with an option in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) includes coursework and experiences designed to meet the competencies required for the California Board of Behavioral Science Examiners (BBSE) for licensure as a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT). Students in this option will prepare for licensed independent MFT practice to work in private practice, community-agency settings, government-court settings, hospitals, clinics, Employee Assistance Programs, and city-county-state agencies to provide counseling services for adults, children, families and couples. Highlights of the program include:

  • ·  Master of Science in Counseling

  • ·  Fully accredited by WASC; approved by Board of Behavioral Sciences Examiner

  • ·  2 to 3 year program (full-time student)

  • ·  We do not offer a part-time program: minimum number of classes per semester is 3 courses

  • ·  Prepares students for California State licensure as a Marriage & Family Therapist

  • ·  Outstanding multicultural clinical faculty

  • ·  No GRE required for application

  • ·  On-site clinic, live supervision, and community practice sites

  • ·  Training in:

    • ·  Trauma and grief work

    • ·  Spirituality and counseling

    • ·  Family systems treatment models

    • ·  Child and adolescent counseling

    • ·  Alcohol and chemical dependence

    • ·  Cross-cultural intervention

    • ·  Evidence-based treatment

    • ·  Human sexuality

    • ·  Couples and group therapy

    • ·  Clinical case formulation