MFT California
Compare masters programs that meet the MFT licensure requirements in California.

Online Programs

Online MFT Programs


You have several options for attending an MFT program that is offered mainly online. However, all BBS-approved programs require in-person practicum experience in accordance with state regulations:

  • The degree program includes no less than six semester or nine quarter units of practicum that involves direct client contact in a supervised clinical placement that provides supervised fieldwork experience, and adheres to the requirements stipulated in BPC Section 4980.36(d)(1)(B)(iv).

  • The practicum in the degree program includes a minimum of 150 hours of face-to-face experience counseling individuals, couples, families, or groups (BPC Section 4980.36(d)(1)(B)(ii)).

  • In addition to the 150 hours of face-to-face experience, the practicum must include 75 hours of either of the following:

  • Client-centered advocacy, as defined in Section 4980.03; or

  • Face-to-face experience counseling individuals, couples, families, or groups (BPC Section 4980.36(d)(1)(vi)).

Many of these programs require students to locate and secure their own practicum placements in their home communities, though some offer more support in this area than others.

Additionally, many programs require students to attend in-person meetings--sometimes only a few times during the program, but sometimes more regularly. It is important to ensure, should you select one such program, that any required travel will not be a hardship.